If you had an audience of 50 people in front of you right now, would you know what to say to them? Could you capture their attention within one minute, so that they quit daydreaming, put down the cell phone and tune into you and only you? Now you can apply World Class speaking techniques to your fitness presentation to grow your business and your reputation across the industry.

  • Attract more clients to your gym or business by delivering information sessions that inspire.
  • Build customer loyalty by adding education to the motivation you already provide.
  • Certify the next generation of trainers and instructors through workshops and seminars.
  • Deliver keynote speeches that put you at the top of the industry.
  • Expand your influence in the fitness industry beyond the four walls of your gym.

The fitness industry needs high-quality public speakers!

  • At an open house, beginners will come to you full of questions and misconceptions.
  •  For clients and gym members, you can add value and raise retention by offering information sessions. 
  • As an additional revenue source and trainer recruitment tool, you can give certification courses or training seminars to your fellow trainers. 

You have an audience at all levels!

Andrea Falcon Advanced English student

A great teacher!

The best teacher that I ever had. He always helped me to improve my writing skills and I still remember his dynamic and funny class.

Events calendar









Who knows?













Not today




Does your events calendar look like this?

If so, you're missing a golden opportunity! Your clients want to do more than just work out when they come to the gym. They want to learn. They want to meet the trainers. They want to feel like they belong.

Potential members and clients are driving by your gym right now, looking for an excuse to come in and check the place out. If only you had a system in place to write workshops for all levels of fitness.

If only ...

When I was having a bad day at work, it was enough to enter one of Mike's English classes to put me in a very good mood. One day he taught us how to get into his house through a small window. I have not stopped laughing at that memory. Ah! And his inevitable blackboard at the time of teaching us. So far I have not had another English teacher like him.

Where it all began

The missed opportunity

Years ago, after a semester at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, I flew to the remote town of Bethel in search of some quick day labor. 

A friend suggested that we rent out the local lodge and offer a seminar on fitness, health, and wellness. I said that people wouldn’t pay just to hear me talk. She responded, “Oh yes they will!”

I chickened out

Despite being a certified personal trainer and the president of my Toastmasters club, I didn’t know how to put the two skills together and create a workshop. I went back to Anchorage empty-handed, and three months later the money ran out. My dream of living in Alaska fizzled into a short-lived memory.

Now the happy ending

Almost 20 years after blowing a golden opportunity, I have made it my life’s mission to create a system to captivate, motivate, and educate an audience seeking guidance from the fitness industry. As a teacher, I have certified over 150 trainers in the industry. As a certified World Class Speaking Coach, I have created the only course that applies these world class speaking strategies to the fitness industry.

In this course, we use the FIT system to:

  • Channel your words and ideas into a powerful message
  • Turn stories into lessons that your audience remembers 
  • Bring the characters in your story to life
  • Incorporate the audience into your presentation

When you build your workshop or seminar with the steps in this course, 

will the audience remember you?

Oh yes they will! 


Vasura is Mike's favorite Peruvian metal band!

A great teacher, I still remember his ways of teaching and the good sense of humor he had in each class to continue paying attention without getting bored. I finished my last advanced month with him. Thank you Professor Mike!

Miguel Montejo , Guitarist

Certified World Class Speaking Coach
  • Give your audience:
  • A roadmap to success
  • A compelling message
  • Amazing results
  • The best version of you

What is a World Class Speaking Coach?

Toastmasters International holds the World Championship of Public Speaking every year. My favorite speaker is Craig Valentine, the 1999 world champ. He created the speaking coach certification, along with guerilla marketing expert Mitch Meyerson. They only certify 25 coaches a year.

A World Class Speaking Coach will help you create anticipation, deliver better material than you ever thought you could create, and connect in a way that they can't wait to hear you speak again

The formulas that you will see in this course are the same tools that help politicians get elected and CEOs raise millions of dollars from investors. They are the speaking techniques that your office-dwelling clients wish they knew when they put their coworkers to sleep in front of a screen full of PowerPoint slides.

Yezibel Quispe Student

I still remember Jack and Rose on the Titanic. 😂😂😂 !!! he has a great sense of humor 🙌

Course overview

Each section comes with a video lesson, live speaking examples, and a series of activities to reinforce the lesson. You will also receive a workbook for you to download, though your best resource will always be your notebook.

Click the arrow icons for more about each chapter.

  • Chapters
  • Course intro
  • Preparing for the audience
  • Storytelling
  • Action steps for your audience
  • Your future as a FIT Presenter

Are you ready to be a fat cat among gym rats?