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stage presence

Finish this movie line:“I’m mad as hell, and  … “That’s enough. I’m not going to type it anymore.You know the line, but

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Move with your message

Brace yourself for the greatest opening line in the history of spoken word. Presenters all around the world explode onto the virtual

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But not when I do it

Professional development

What qualities do you look for in a personal trainer?One of your most important jobs as a gym owner or manager is

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Who are you hiring?

Meet the new guyIn my first season as a wrestling coach (not counting my years as a volunteer), I joined the team

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Coaching from the lectern

writing process

Greetings from my living room couch We bought the couch a few years ago as a luxury item, but now it sits

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“Set” the mood for your story

Do you know how to keep a reader in suspense? I suppose you want me to tell you. Sure, I’ll tell you

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Grisham or Gladwell?

fitness articles

Welcome home!You froze your tail feathers off in some faraway college town long enough. The spring semester is over, now it’s time

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Fight the Freshman 15

When Bart and Homer Simpson swindled TV anchor Kent Brockman for some quick cash in a phony cake operation, they knew they

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Scamfit Seniors