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The FIT System

Every fitness presentation requires these three steps: 







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Speech coaching

Your best stories

are buried much deeper than you think they are. Let's find them!

Together we use the secret techniques only available to certified World Class Speaking Coaches. Your audience will never know what hit them!

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stage presence

You know my doctor, Dr. Vinny Boombatz?When Johnny Carson hosted the Tonight Show, guest comedians had to separate their routines into two

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Master the Q & A

How much of your self-promotion is really self-glorification?Do you need to promote your own greatness in order to impress a potential client?When

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Mental midget in a bikini

Professional development

What makes somebody a leader in the fitness industry?Before you dive any deeper into FIT Presenter, you need a pep talk. This

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Are you a fitness leader?

I’ll never forget my first Toastmasters meeting, at the Greatland Toastmasters club in Anchorage, Alaska. I had just gotten my first apartment.

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Adventures in Toastmasters

writing process

Do you know how to keep a reader in suspense? I suppose you want me to tell you. Sure, I’ll tell you in

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Grisham or Gladwell?

As I type this, I am listening on YouTube to one of my favorite speeches ever delivered. I suggest you look for the

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Find a counterbalance

fitness articles

We could see her from the window of the second-floor training studio as she finished up the mile-long walk from her house.Every

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Get off the human hamster wheel

Would you be surprised to know that Greenland is not green? In fact, Iceland is greener than Greenland. Apparently Erik the Red

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Navigate the Stormy Capes