Sales or marketing? I’ll take both!

by Mike McQuillan

Sales or marketing? I’ll take both!

By Mike McQuillan

If you are in business, then you are in the business of promoting your business. There are two sides to promotion – marketing and sales. First you do marketing to build interest and generate leads. Then you convert those leads into sales.

One little problem. Sales and marketing are two separate worlds on opposite ends of the galaxy.

Marketing people like to be creative, and in many cases prefer to ply their trade from their production space. They know design, color patterns, and catchy slogans. They believe in attracting the business without putting a prospect on the spot.

Sales people prefer a face-to face human connection. They don’t have time for all of that design stuff. Marketing to them is a gimmick to hide from direct communication. I’m a closer, not a poser.

How do you connect the two worlds? Ask that guy in the picture at the top.

Public speaking is the matchmaker of marketing and sales. You promote your message, your reason for being in business, and the merits of your product. You build interest and generate leads. 

At the same time, you move that prospect partially through the sales process. In some cases, you even close deals while speaking.

Does this sound intimidating?

If you don’t speak publicly to promote your business, no need to worry. Neither does your competition. Those who do most likely speak for either marketing or sales, but not both. Only a trained, well coached public speaker knows how to do both.

Would you like to stand out from your competitors in the worlds of marketing and sales, to the point that you no longer have any competition?

Enter the FIT Presenter

Until we meet for your complimentary breakthrough session, here are a few ways that you can bridge the celestial gap between the two sides of business promotion:

  • Your message is bigger than your product. You are in front of that audience to give them value based on your expertise. Yes, you are an expert. Accept it, embrace it, internalize it. The fact that you are in business is just a coincidence.
  • Lean on problems more than solutions. As you may have seen in a previous article, your messaging comes in three phases. From the stage, you are in the pre-sale phase. Present problems, and let them come to you for the solutions.
  • Hint that you have the solution. As you’re speaking, make reference to clients that you have helped as if it’s all a big coincidence.
  • Book a spot on my calendar. This last tip should be an obvious one. One complimentary session with me and you’ll never look at your life or business the same way again. Don’t worry, it’s a marketing opportunity, not a sales call.

Mike McQuillan

About the author

Mike McQuillan, aka the Fit Presenter, coaches fitness industry professionals to give top-quality presentations, seminars, and courses. His day job is an English teacher in Lima, Peru.

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